We prioritize YOU, unlike your insurance

Health Insurance does not equal health care.

Health insurance has dramatically reduced its coverage and imposed severe visit limitations on many health services including Physical Therapy to make a profit. This has forced many clinics to hire non-professional staff to handle your care as your Physical Therapist "treats" three other people plus you in the same hour. Not surprisingly, research has proven this to be a less effective model and not appropriate for people with many concerns.

We do not bill insurance and therefore are not confined to the contractual limitations regarding services and reimbursements set by the insurance companies. This allows us to treat you individually to make sure you are meeting your goals with less visits.

We keep costs down and charge realistic prices for our services
— Catalyst Physiotherapy

Our one on one model typically translates to fewer PT visits and an overall reduction in cost & complete Transparency; here are our rates. It is truly an example of getting what you pay for because we keep costs down and we can charge realistic prices for our services. Here is a cost savings comparison between our services vs. an average in - network provider

You can still submit your bill to your insurance for your out of network benefit. We can provide you with a superbill and help guide you through the process for receiving reimbursement for billed services.  

Keep in mind, every insurance company is different and reimbursement is not guaranteed, but we will help you capture as much money back as possible.