We keep costs down and charge realistic prices for our services

NEW!  Did you know that you no longer need a Doctor’s prescription to start physical therapy! Ask us about the new Illinois Law that allows you direct access to your physical therapy.

Health Insurance policy has greatly impacted the standard of care for Physical Therapy.  Here are a few ways and how they impact or limit your care at other facilities.

  • Insurance companies have requirements to charge according to their codes, making client out-of-pocket payments prohibitively expensive.

  • Insurance plans can limit number of visits regardless of your healthcare professional’s plan to get you well.

  • You work with your own PT.

How we are different?

We do not bill insurance. This keeps us out of contractual limitations mentioned above regarding services and reimbursements set by the insurance companies.

Because of this:

  • Our fees, (that are most likely coming out of your pocket even under an Insurance plan) are more affordable.

  • Since we treat you individually, rather than handing you off to a non-professional in order to save money, we make sure you are meeting your goals with less visits.

  • We believe you should know what your care costs. Here are our rates. Here is a cost savings comparison between our services vs. an average in-network provider.

How we choose who may be working with you alongside your PT.

  • We are an educational facility / learning clinic

  • We choose ‘life-long’ learners and like minded professionals

    • They want to hear your story

    • They are compassionate

    • Students are in different levels of plan creation.  (We sign off on and/or help create plans with students as appropriate)

We understand that if you have insurance coverage, you may still want to get reimbursed by them for our services. You can still submit your bill to your insurance for your out of network benefit. We can provide you with a superbill and help guide you through the process for receiving reimbursement for billed services.  Keep in mind, every insurance company is different and reimbursement is not guaranteed, but we will help you capture as much money back as possible. Click here for Insurance terminology