What Makes Us Different

Our focus is YOU. When you come in to see us, we prioritize YOU and your goals. We are not your typical Physical Therapy experience; your time is invaluable so we make a large change in your symptoms quickly to get YOU results as fast as possible. 


60 minute session, one on one with a highly qualified physical therapist specialist to find the solution to your pain and dysfunction quickly.

We evaluate & treat you for medical problems, injuries, or health-related conditions to find solutions for the intricate way pain & dysfunction stop you from living & performing at your highest level. Expect sixty minute, one on one, sessions with your Physical Therapist for the entire session.


One on one 30-60 minute sessions for the elite athlete to evaluate sport and movement performance. Increase your sport and training potential to crush your PRs and feel great!

We are skilled at evaluating and solving movement-based limitations to improve and enhance your athletic, occupational and/or recreational activities.

Health Coaching

Do you have low energy? Struggle with losing weight? Do you feel like you don't know where to start?

Health coaching is here to guide you.

Our lifestyles can be quite demanding.  Training and practice schedules, work demands, diet, inadequate sleep and perceptions of stress contribute to tremendous load on our bodies and systems. We’ve developed our RECOVER program to address these issues

RECOVER is a multifaceted program consisting of techniques and modalities meant to manage lifestyle and training load.  Mindfulness coaching and meditative movements through a practice like Tai Chi enhance breathing strategies; improve focus, and relief stress. 


20-30 min session with a physical therapist to regain a calm state of your health and mind. This treatment is sucessful at reducing stress, anxiety and reducing pain from a new injury.