We prioritize you and your goals. No long wait times in rooms where people whisper.  Come in for a visit, we’d love for you to see how we have optimized our space for an inclusive, fun and vibrant healing experience for you.

Appointment Types:


60 minute session to evaluate and treat:

  • Medical problems

  • Injuries/surgeries

  • Health related conditions

  • One on one with a highly qualified Physical Therapist specialized to find the solution to your pain and dysfunction quickly.

We find solutions for the intricate way pain and dysfunction stop you from living and performing at your highest level.


60 minute sessions to address movement-based limitations for

  • Athletic performance

  • Occupation related movement

  • Recreational needs

  • One on one with a Board Certified Sports Physical Therapist to evaluate sport and movement performance

Increase your sport and training potential to crush your PRs, meet your goals, and feel great!

Health Coaching

Health Coaching Addresses:

  • Low energy

  • Struggles with losing weight

  • Motivational and guidance needs

Health coaching is here to help you get started and with you to the finish line!


20-30 min session with a Physical Therapist to help you regain a calm state of health and mind. This treatment is successful at reducing stress, anxiety and reducing pain and soreness from a new injury or workout.

We’ve developed our RECOVER program to address issues that contribute to cumulative strain on our bodies and systems.

  • Training and practice schedules

  • Work demands

  • Diet

  • Inadequate sleep

  • Perceptions of stress

RECOVER is a multifaceted program consisting of techniques and modalities meant to manage lifestyle and training load.  We may employ techniques such as:

  • Mindfulness coaching

  • Meditative movements (like Tai Chi) to enhance breathing strategies; improve focus, and relief stress

  • Marc Pro electrical stimulation

Not sure WHAT type of appointment you need?  
Let’s set up an initial evaluation to assess your unique goals and needs!