Sarah Greenhagen, PT, DPT, GCS 

is a board-certified geriatric Physical Therapist who specializes in the process of aging. She is committed to bringing health and wellness to the masses, most notably through her creation of the WellBatavia Expo and her involvement on the Academy of Prevention and Health Promotion Therapies with the Healthy Aging Initiative.

She has developed successful Balance and Strength programs to reduce falling and specializes in treating Osteoporosis, Arthritis Pain, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Difficulty Walking.  She uses a multi-factorial approach to build a comprehensive picture of heath, providing effective movement, nutrition, and sleep solutions. She prioritizes listening to your dreams and concerns, and finding unique solutions to every problem at hand.



Jason Robinson, PT, SCS, PES, CSCS

is a board-certified Sports Physical Therapist, a strength coach, and a functional movement expert. He has an extensive background in collegiate and pro sports serving as team PT for Northern Illinois University’s baseball, softball and volleyball athletes. He also participates in a Healthy Childhood initiative meant to establish standards of practice for school aged children.

He applies his athletic approach to a wide variety of patient types to help them move robustly throughout all stages of life and collaborates with other healthcare and fitness professionals to facilitate health and wellness transformation through a more holistic model.

Additional staff and services:

Catalyst believes in helping the ‘next generation’ of health professionals get the experience they need.  You will, from time to time, see interns and other non-professionals attending sessions to further their education.

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Beth Kolar, CPT, SFSC and Owner of Center-Fit, LLC is conducting trainings (personal and small groups) on site.  All trainings focus in on participants’ specific need.  Group sizes are always 2-6 max to ensure a focus on individual goals and needs. Beth has extensive experience in programming, functional movement patterns, group fitness, personal training, kettlebell and all levels of weight training.