Our Mission Statement and Values not only tell the story of us (Catalyst and you) but they are also what ensures that you will continue to receive great care throughout your experience.

Igniting Change! Moving you towards your best self.

Our Mission

Catalyst Physiotherapy, Performance, & Wellness, LLC is a comprehensive healthcare experience that evaluates and treats movement and function in a one-on-one setting with physical, nutritional, lifestyle, and cognitive solutions to promote health and wellness throughout all stages of life.

OUR values

To accomplish our mission and vision, we will hold true to these values:

Movement- We will treat and diagnose movement dysfunctions that can cause pain and limit activities to help patients move eloquently and robustly in all of life’s endeavors. We are dedicated to lifelong learning and will continue to refine/redefine movement-based therapy, applying it across our spectrum of patients.

Education- We will foster an environment of learning and promote self-advocacy in our patients making them equal collaborators in their care. We will serve as a resource to our community, providing educational lectures, classes and screenings to promote equity and transparency in healthcare.

Collaboration- We will work alongside other healthcare and fitness professionals to develop effective solutions for our patients. We will be advocates for our community and for the Physical Therapy profession maintaining connections to our state and national associations.  We will set our rates reasonably, to be an affordable option for those who want to be proactive members in their care. 

Prevention and Health Promotion- We will provide services to protect, promote and maintain your health to limit and prevent injuries and chronic diseases that negatively impact your happiness and quality of life. We will address pain, sleep, nutrition, recovery and exercise as components of your health, with an awareness of impactful pharmacological, familial, and environmental factors. We will teach the principles of human movement and healthy behaviors, to foster health literacy and to facilitate successful management of body systems and enhance quality of life.

Storms make oaks take deeper root.
— George Herbert
...be the oak.
— Catalyst Physiotherapists