Ethics in Prevention and Health Promotion Presentation

We are thrilled to be providing the Illinois Physical Therapist Association with a credit class regarding ethics and the newly implemented Direct Access law today.

Ethics may feel like a dry topic for professionals, but we know it’s a big deal for you, our patients, that we revisit this topic in relation to our services. Physical therapists must complete an ethics component every 2 years in order to stay current with their licence. For us to be able to help our peers think through the unique issues that present themselves in the evolving healthcare landscape is a real honor.

We are most excited about our carefully selected case studies and the discussions we hope to have around topics that PT’s now have to consider. Direct access is a new law that allows you, the patient, to seek physical therapy help without a physician’s script. We have more latitude than ever, allowing us to operate at the highest level or our license. We will be exploring limits as well as what may look like a limit, but is ethically no longer a limit, but an obligation.

Presenting is awesome, but we are thrilled to be meeting great minds and hearing what THEY have to say on this topic as well! #iptarevitalize