Small Groups training vs Large Group classes

We are thrilled to see Beth, owner of Center-Fit, join us here at Catalyst! Having someone we trust to refer our clients to for continued care is of prime importance to us. Once you leave our care, we want you to continue to grow in strength and mobility. The only way to do that is through regular training.

We asked Beth why she does small group trainings rather than larger classes. We think you will be interested in her answer:

Personal training, whether individual or in small groups, works with YOUR goals.  Large group training works towards the instructor’s goals - which is typically large groups of generally fit people. Not a horrible goal, but not the best.

The problem with large groups is that YOU get lost in the crowd. Your particular issues are easily worsened when the instructor can’t see or doesn’t have time (or training!) to properly coach appropriate form and weight selection. Fitness for the general population is a relatively young business, and as with most businesses the focus is to get the most people and the most money, at the least cost. Enter “Large Group Fitness”…

In Small Group Personal Training, your instructor is a certified personal trainer. They are experienced in assisting with goal setting as well as creating planned trainings to support your goals. But they can also see progress or problems during training sessions - allowing you to refocus in a timely manner and keeping you safe (as you crush your goals!).

Neuromuscular relearning is a special focus in all Center-Fit trainings, increasing neuroplasticity (brain training) as well as proper muscle recruitment.

“My goal is to help you meet your goals keeping costs low, offering incentives, and planning trainings around your needs.  Period. Personal training and small group training for YOU.” Beth

You can email Beth at with questions about training out of our Sandwich location.