Decrease your risk for heart attack and stroke. Lift heavy!

Kettlebells for the win! We ran across this great article that addresses the benefits of weight training in regards to reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke!

And let’s not forget that olympic lifts have been shown to increase ones capacity to withstand stress and can increase cardiovascular fitness which means decreased risk for heart attack and stroke.

It’s not an unusual to see an athlete at Catalyst training with kettlebells, dumbbells or a barbell. But, we understand the importance of working with patients to increase their weight tolerances or sub-maximal load. We all know that life goes on after injury or surgery. Our clients have to go back to work, lift their children, do their laundry, etc… and we want them to train at levels that don’t ‘surprise’ the body as they return to regular duties. The side benefit? Decreased risk of heart attack and stroke.

No matter how you cut it, strength matters!!!